To stay competitive, organizations need to quickly build applications that can automate workflows, improve productivity, and connect with customers. Recent innovations in AI are further democratizing no-code application development, allowing businesses and organizations to see a greater impact. In Forrester’s January 2024 Total Economic Impact study of Google Workspace, one of its key findings was how organizations benefited from AppSheet, Google’s no-code app development platform. AppSheet enabled more efficient workflows and decreased application development time by up to 80% and saved $8.7 million for the organization over three years. In this post we highlight a few new ways AppSheet is making it easier for businesses of all sizes to use intuitive tools to create custom apps and automations without having to write any code.

1. AppSheet’s app creation AI tools are available for most Workspace customers

Last year, Google announced that AppSheet comes included with your Google Workspace subscription. Now finance, marketing, sales, and non-technical teams can create custom apps that connect to their business data, without writing a single line of code. This means they can quickly and intuitively build apps that automate workflows, improve productivity, and connect with customers and colleagues to get work done.

AppSheet is now included in more Google Workspace pricing plans

Unleash AI-powered app development with Duet AI in AppSheet, a powerful tool that transforms natural language descriptions of the solution you need into functional apps. Duet AI brings generative AI capabilities to AppSheet, enabling anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to create transformative apps that automate workflows, streamline processes, and enhance productivity.

Duet AI in AppSheet empowers businesses to:

Easily build apps: Simply describe your desired app in plain English, and Duet AI will intelligently interpret your requirements and generate a working app prototype.

Accelerate app development: By automating the app creation process, Duet AI significantly reduces development time, allowing you to focus on refining app functionality and addressing specific business needs.

Democratize app development: With Duet AI, anyone can become an app creator, empowering teams across departments to build custom apps that address their unique challenges and optimize operations.

Duet AI in AppSheet creating solutions for Google Workspace without coding

2. Harness AI to power your business processes with apps

At Google Cloud Next’23, Google announced preview availability of AI-powered end-user features in the apps created by AppSheet, providing a host of benefits like automating voice and data input to eliminate the need for manual data entry. Voice input is particularly beneficial for mobile and frontline workers who can now enter data hands-free, even in challenging environments. AI-powered voice and data input significantly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. Workspace customers can request access to these features through our preview program. Watch this live demo from Google Cloud Next’23 to see the power of Duet AI in AppSheet in action creating apps and using features powered by AI.

AI-powered end-user features in AppSheet app

3. Boost team productivity with apps that meet users where they are

AppSheet smart chips are transformative data connectors, designed to empower decision-makers and the team. They intuitively integrate real-time information from your AppSheet app into Google Docs. Dive deeper into the announcement to discover how this innovative technology can transform your data landscape and empower informed decision-making across the organization.

With smart chips, data is more actionable via AppSheet apps

4. Create with built-in databases that are scalable and secure

AppSheet now offers a powerful and scalable native database to help power the apps you create. The database interface is business-user friendly and allows the organization and teams to share and manage data securely with access controls for managers and IT teams. AppSheet databases simplify the app creation process with its deep integration with the AppSheet platform. Every app created by Duet AI in AppSheet uses AppSheet databases, making it the data source of choice for AI-powered development in AppSheet. 

5. Control your data, and keep it compliant

AppSheet has made significant strides in data governance, offering customers a variety of new features to manage their data and security. Users can choose to store and process their AppSheet data within the EU, ensuring compliance with regional regulations. Additionally, admins can now delegate policy management to individual teams, granting granular control over data access and usage. Finally, AppSheet now allows secondary Workspace domains to be included as internal users, streamlining collaboration and access control within organizations.

Where do I start?

With the addition of Duet AI, built-in databases, and more governance controls to AppSheet, adopting no-code into your organization has many more benefits than ever before. For business and IT decision-makers, the transformative power of AI and no-code presents an opportunity to:

  1. Overhaul legacy systems: Replace outdated and inefficient systems with AI-powered no-code solutions that enhance agility and scalability.
  2. Upskill the workforce: Provide training and resources to empower non-technical staff to leverage no-code platforms and become citizen developers.
  3. Embrace continuous innovation: Foster a culture of innovation by encouraging experimentation with AI and no-code tools to uncover new opportunities.
  4. Reimagine customer interactions: Utilize AI to personalize customer interactions, anticipate needs, and provide proactive support.
  5. Drive business growth: Leverage AI-powered insights and no-code automation to optimize operations, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.