Google are committed to building the most open and extensible Data Cloud. Google want to provide our customers with more flexibility, interoperability and agility when building analytics solutions using BigQuery and tightly integrated partner products. Google have therefore significantly expanded our Data Cloud partner ecosystem, and are increasing our investment in technology partners in a number of new areas.

At the Google Data Cloud & AI Summit in March, Google introduced BigQuery Partner Center, a new user interface in the Google Cloud console that enables our customers to easily discover, try, purchase and use a diverse range of partner products that have been validated through the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery program. 

Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery is a program whereby Google Cloud engineering teams evaluate and validate BigQuery partner integrations and connectors using a series of tests and benchmarks based on standards set by Google. Customers can be assured of the quality of the integrations when using these partner products with BigQuery. These validated partners and solutions are now accessible directly from BigQuery Partner Center.

Navigating in BigQuery Partner Center

Customers can start exploring BigQuery Partner Center by launching the BigQuery Cloud Console.

Discover: In the Partner Center, you can find a list of validated partners organized in the following categories:

  • BI, ML, and Advanced Analytics
  • Connectors & Development Tools
  • Data Governance, Master Data Management
  • Data Quality & Observability
  • ETL & Data Integration

Try: You will have the option to try out the product by signing up for a free trial version offered by the partner.

Buy: If you choose to purchase any of the partner products, you can do it directly from Google Cloud Marketplace by clicking on the Marketplace hyperlink tag.

Here’s an overview of how you can discover and use some of BigQuery’s partner solutions.

Confluent Cloud is now available in BigQuery Partner Center to help customers easily connect and create Confluent streaming data pipelines into BigQuery, and extract real-time insights to support proactive decision-making while offloading operational burdens associated with managing open source Kafka..

Fivetran offers a trial experience through the BigQuery Partner Center, which allows customers to replicate data from key applications, event streams, and file stores to BigQuery continuously. Moreover, customers can actively monitor their connector’s performance and health using logs and metrics provided through Google Cloud Monitoring.

Neo4j provides an integration through BigQuery Partner Center that allows users to extend SQL analysis with graph-native data science and machine learning by working seamlessly between BigQuery and Neo4j Graph Data Science; whether using BigQuery SQL or notebooks. Data science teams can now improve and enrich existing analysis and ML using the graph-native data science capabilities within Neo4j by running in-memory graph analysis directly from BigQuery.

Expanding partner ecosystem through Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery 

Google are also excited to share that, since Google introduced the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery initiative last year, we have recognized over 50 technology partners that have successfully met a core set of integration requirements with BigQuery. 

To unlock more use cases that are critical to customers’ data-driven transformation journey, Google Cloud engineering teams closely worked with partners across many categories to test compatibility, tune functionality, and optimize integrations to ensure our customers have the best experience when using these partner products with BigQuery.

For example, in the Data Quality & Observability category, we have most recently validated products from AnomaloDatadogDynatraceMonte Carlo and New Relic to enable better detection and remediation of data quality issues.

In the Reverse ETL & Master Data Management category, we worked with Hightouch and Tamr to expand data management use cases for data cleansing, preparation, enrichment and data synchronization from BigQuery back to SaaS based applications.

Data Governance and Security partners like Immuta and Privacera can provide enhanced data access controls and management capabilities for BigQuery, while Carto offers advanced geospatial and location intelligence capabilities that are well integrated with BigQuery.

Google also continue to expand partnerships in key categories such as Advanced Analytics and Data Integration with industry leading partners like StarburstSisenseHex, and Hevo Data to ensure our customers have flexibility and options in choosing the right partner products to meet their business needs.

With the general availability of BigQuery Partner Center, customers can now conveniently discover, try out and install a growing list of Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery validated partners from the BigQuery Cloud Console directly.

Getting started

  • To explore in the new Partner Center, launch the BigQuery Cloud Console.
  • To see a full list of partner solutions and connectors that have been validated to work well with BigQuery.
  • To learn more about the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery validation program, visit our documentation page. 
  • If you are a partner interested in becoming “Google Cloud Ready” for BigQuery, please fill out this intake form. 
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.