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Cloud Ace Partnership Program


Cloud Ace Indonesia

Partnership Program

Cloud Ace Partners (CAP) is a unique partner program that aims to launch the Google Cloud Platform TM in Indonesia, through strong collaboration between companies such as sharing technical information, creating new solutions, holding joint seminars and others.

Partner Categories

Sales Partner

Partner category that carries out sales and marketing services and/or solutions from Cloud Ace.                                                  

Development Partner

Partner category that builds and also models collaboration of technical issues from our development projects.

Product Partner

Partner that expand as package resolution within Cloud Ace ecosystem, and cooperate for GCP and other partner’s product.

Categories of  Cloud Ace Partnership


Commission regarding sales of GCP’s account. We will pay 5% per month of usage fee as an introduction fee every month for the period when usage fee incurs.

SI (System Integration)

Commission regarding introduction of construction projects related to GCP.
We will pay for kickbacks concerning orders for construction projects in line with the prescribed percentage.


Solutions provided by Cloud Ace refer to those provided in CAP. We will pay kickbacks in line with prescribed percentage.

Benefits of Joining CAP

No-commission, No-commitment , No-risks

Rich line-ups which can endure companies

Mutual aid


Expansion of sales channels for companies’ solutions

Interested in becoming our partner?  Please click the button Apply now on the right side.

As a Google Cloud™* Managed Service Provider,  Cloud Ace has been providing one-stop services such as cloud implementation support, operational design, and post-implementation system maintenance to meet the needs of our customers.




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