Last year, Google announced Google Distributed Cloud (GDC), a portfolio of fully managed hardware and software that allows organizations to run workloads at the edge. Today, Google are excited to announce the general availability of Google Distributed Cloud Edge, including Google Distributed Cloud Edge Appliances.

GDC Edge empowers customers to run 5G Core and radio access network (RAN) functions at the edge, and supports use cases for enterprise applications such as:

  • Anomaly detection using video and AI to reduce defects on the factory floor
  • Real-time inventory with robots, enabling next-generation retail stores
  • Improving operational efficiency across automotive with sensors 
  • Scrubbing sensitive data locally before it’s transferred to the cloud

With today’s announcement, Google also have a set of unique hardware options, which come in two form factors: (1) rack-based configurations and (2) GDC Edge Appliances.

  • Rack-based configurations include the rack, six servers, two top-of-rack switches, cabling, and optics, and can be configured for either AC or DC power. They are available in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, and the United Kingdom. Because Google Distributed Cloud Edge is fully managed, it lets you focus on your workloads while Google remotely monitors and maintains your GDC Edge installation, including installing the latest software updates, resolving configuration issues, maintaining a security stance, and even replacing the GDC Edge hardware at the customer premise. To learn more see the Google Distributed Cloud Edge documentation.
  • GDC Edge Appliances are ideal for use cases where bandwidth and latency limitations prevent organizations from processing the data from devices like cameras and sensors back in cloud data centers. These appliances simplify data collection, analytics and processing at remote locations where copious amounts of data coming from these devices needs to be processed quickly and stored securely. They can store data generated by cameras and sensors at customer warehouses, stores and vehicles, or run containerized applications that process the data locally using ML inference, aggregation, and custom logic. An Edge Appliance includes a lightweight 1U ruggedized server, RAID-based local NFS storage, TPM for security and an optional NVIDIA® GPU. To learn more see the Google Distributed Cloud Edge Appliance documentation.

Meeting customer needs in unprecedented ways

With all these investments in GDC Edge alongside our trusted partners, we are able to meet the needs of both the CSP network and enterprise companies in unprecedented ways. Two of our latest partnerships include Bell Canada, which is deploying GDC Edge for its 5G core network functions, and Verizon, which is delivering edge services to enterprises. In addition, we have announced partnerships around the globe with the likes of AT&TReliance JIOTELUSIndosat Ooredoo and others to meet the complex needs of enterprise companies.

The ability to create and innovate at the edge is not about one single company, but rather the development of an open, vibrant ecosystem-based approach. At Google, we pride ourselves on openness and are applying the learnings from our open source focus and the Android ecosystem to the edge. We’re working with our extensive ISV partner ecosystem to run workloads, integrate edge vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions on GDC Edge. We’re thrilled with the vertical expertise and innovation coming from this community, and look forward to bringing more ISVs into our GDC Edge ecosystem. 

Digital transformation at the edge

Edge computing is emerging as a powerful way for enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and bring it to life, but finding the optimal approach for different kinds of edge locations can be a challenge. With a comprehensive portfolio of fully managed hardware and software, Google Distributed Cloud brings Google’s AI and analytics solutions closer to where your data is being generated and consumed, so you can harness real-time insights across deployments. Meanwhile, its Anthos cloud-backed control plane provides a consistent management experience across multiple environments, and Google’s planet-scale infrastructure delivers the highest levels of performance, availability, security and sustainability for your environment. 

Click here to learn more about and request GDC Edge, and here for GDC Edge Appliances.