Februari,1 2021
Cloud Ace, Inc.

Cloud Ace Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Representative: Makoto Aoki), a Google Cloud Premier Partner, announced on February 1, 2020, that they have acquired all 12 Google Cloud Expertise designations in the industry category.

In order to acquire Google Cloud Expertise, companies need to be able to showcase customer success stories by product, workload, and industry based on a defined set of requirements. With the acquisition of “Law & Government”, we have been able to achieve the acquisition in all 12 fields in the Industry sector.

Listed here are the 12 fields of Expertise:

  1. Automotive
  2. Education
  3. Energy & Utilities
  4. Financial Services
  5. Gaming
  6. Healthcare & Life Sciences
  7. Industrial Goods & Manufacturing
  8. Law & Government
  9. Advertising & Marketing
  10. Media & Entertainment
  11. Retail & Wholesale
  12. Small & Medium Business

〈Examples of Customers in the Industry〉(in Japanese only)

In response to this, Mr. Matsumoto, general manager of Cloud Ace’s Business Promotion Division, stated as follows. “I believe we have been able to cover all areas of our business as a result of our customers’ satisfaction with our services. We recognize once again that Google Cloud’s platform is needed in a variety of business categories, regardless of industry. I believe that this movement will only continue to accelerate from this point on. We will continue to strengthen our corporate support by leveraging Google Cloud technology to create as many success stories as possible.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the use of digital technology has accelerated rapidly in many companies, leaving no industry as an exception. The use of cloud technology is attracting more attention not only for the DX of existing businesses, but also for creating new businesses as well. Cloud Ace will continue to provide technical support to customers regardless of industry or region.

“We are excited that Cloud Ace Inc. has achieved Google Cloud Expertise spanning 12 fields in the industry sector,” said Nina Harding, Chief of Global Partner Programs and Strategy at Google Cloud. “This achievement validates Cloud Ace Inc’s dedication to our customers’ success across industries and will further enable them to continue driving their business initiatives and programs with expert support and cloud technologies.”

■ See here for more information about Google Cloud Expertise.

■ About Cloud Ace, Inc.
Head Office : Ōtemachi 2-6-2, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan building 11F
CEO & Presiden Direktur: Makoto Aoki

Business Description:https://www.cloud-ace.jp/
Cloud Ace is a Google Cloud specialist cloud integrator providing one-stop support from cloud deployment planning to operation and maintenance.

As a management service provider for Google Cloud, we provide technical support, consulting, system development, and Google Cloud certified training. With offices in 4 cities in Japan and 8 countries overseas along with over 120 partner companies, we can meet the diverse needs of companies undergoing DX.

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