Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) allows a user to deploy a managed VMware environment within an Enterprise Cloud Solution. Google have put together a new white paper, “Google Cloud VMware Engine Performance Migration & Benchmarks,” to help the customers better understand the architecture, its performance, and the benefits. If you’re not familiar with Google Cloud VMware Engine yet, let’s talk a bit more about it.

Utilizing Google Cloud lets you access existing services and cloud capabilities; one of those services and solutions mentioned within this document is Google’s Hybrid Cloud Extension, also known as HCX. HCX provides you with an easier transition from on-prem to the cloud, allowing systems administrators to quickly deploy a private cloud and scale their needed Virtual Machines accordingly. The proposed referenced solution is well suited for organizations looking to begin their cloud migration journey and understand the technical requirements within the process without having to be fully committed to their cloud strategy or evacuation data center strategy.

Currently, many organizations are navigating their way through their current IT challenges and cloud solutions. Google Cloud VMware Engine provides you the “easy on-ramp” to migrate your workloads into the cloud. You don’t have to move everything to the cloud at once, though, because GCVE provides the option to scale your IT infrastructure from on-prem to the cloud at your discretion by leveraging HCX. 

HCX also lets you migrate a virtual machine from on-premise to the cloud via a VPN or internet connection without any additional downtime or having to save their work and log off of their machine. With GCVE, you can continue to work during your business hours and operations while your systems administrators migrate your teams to the cloud without the downtime associated with virtual machine migration.

The ability to migrate a virtual machine from on-prem to the cloud raises another question: how fast can a targeted virtual machine migrate to the cloud? Google analyzed this specific scenario, assessing what the requirements were to migrate an on-prem virtual machine to the cloud via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and then analyzing how fast that connection was established and transmitted through HCX. 

The answer to that question—and more—is all contained within our brand new white paper, “Google Cloud VMware Engine Performance Migration & Benchmarks,“ which you can download now. And if you’re ready to get started with your migration efforts, sign up for a free discovery and assessment with our migration experts.