Cloud security teams need expert guidance to protect against an increasing number of threats, and to help pinpoint where they are most at risk. They also need to make security issues understandable so that non-security specialists can help keep their organization safe. To meet both requirements, we will integrate Google Cloud Security AI Workbench with Security Command Center Premium, our security and risk management solution.

Announced today at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Security Command Center Premium with Security AI Workbench can provide operators with near-instant analysis of findings and possible attack paths, generated by a large language model (LLM) fine-tuned for security use cases, so they can stay one step ahead of adversaries. This enhancement to Security Command Center Premium can help organizations: 

  • Simplify complex issues so non-security specialists can defend against bad actors.
  • Reduce toil for cloud security professionals, making them more productive and less likely to overlook critical security findings.
  • Provide human-readable explanations of how an adversary may try to attack. 
  • Describe cloud-specific steps to remediate security issues.

Bringing generative AI to attack path simulation

To help organizations understand where their cloud environment is most at risk, Security Command Center Premium is adding attack path simulation that can model attacks involving a complex series of steps, exploiting multiple vulnerabilities, and targeting multiple resources. With attack path simulation, teams can predict how and where an adversary might attack, and assess the overall risk to their cloud resources. 

Using Security AI Workbench, Security Command Center Premium can quickly analyze and summarize multi-stage attack paths, and then create easy-to-understand summaries that explain complex attacks. These summaries can help enable rapid assessment of where cloud environments are most at risk to help prioritize responses.

Reducing the complexity of cloud security

Security Command Center Premium can discover, identify, and recommend remediations for hundreds of cloud misconfigurations, software vulnerabilities, and external threats. Integration with Security AI Workbench will provide straightforward explanations of findings so security and non-security specialists can help keep their organization safe.

These new summaries coming to Security Command Center Premium can help provide direct answers to key security questions: 

  • What is the exact nature of a security issue?
  • What risk does it present?
  • Which resources and projects could be affected?
  • What is the recommended remediation?

Adding Security AI Workbench to Security Command Center Premium will help relieve the toil for those responsible for protecting their organization, while empowering non-security specialists to handle security tasks that were previously out of reach due to lack of specialized knowledge. 

Google will have more details on Security AI Workbench integration with Security Command Center Premium and its availability for customers soon.