On December 03rd, 2021, the parent company of Cloud Ace Inc., Yoshidumi Holdings Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda City, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ayatoshi Yoshidumi; hereinafter referred to as “Cloud Ace”), entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) in order to strengthen the structure of their Google Cloud business in Japan and overseas. 

From left: Mr. Abe, Executive Director and General Manager of the Information / Real Estate Division of Marubeni Corporation; Mr. Hirate, Representative of Google Cloud Japan, LLC; Mr. Yoshidumi, CEO of Yoshidumi HD 

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) and Yoshidumi Holdings, Inc. (“Yoshidumi HD”) will enter into a capital and business alliance agreement to collaborate on DX (Digital Transformation), leveraging Google Cloud to support the promotion of DX in both domestic and overseas markets.

The three main objectives of the collaboration are as follows. 

1. Provide higher quality and more stable managed services than ever before.
2. Expand public cloud projects and ventures to overseas markets. 
3. Exchange human resources between the two companies. 

The focus on managed services is the first of the three main objectives. Cloud Ace will enhance the services that they already provide as a Google Cloud managed service provider (MSP) to a wider range of customers in cooperation with Marubeni’s business companies, Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. and I2ts, Inc. The range of services provided is not limited to the systems that Cloud Ace has used in the past for development. Reliable quality and stable services can now be provided, in terms of customer operation and maintenance. 

Focusing on the second objective, expansion to overseas markets, the two companies in collaboration will be able to provide Cloud Ace’s high-quality SIs in more countries and regions than ever before through the coordination with Marubeni’s global network. There are many advantages and benefits to global expansion. In order to succeed, Cloud Ace will continue to accumulate more and more diverse accomplishments, and improve their technology, service quality, and adaptability to all industries on a global level. 

The third objective is the exchange of human resources between the two companies. By bringing together their respective skills and expertise, this action holds great promise as an initiative to increase the value of human resources in both companies. The exchange will also be effective in accelerating the development of human resources specializing in DX, which Marubeni is promoting, and in strengthening the governance structure to minimize the latency of business speed in capital and business alliances. Mainly through the collaboration with Marubeni’s business company, Dolbix Consulting Inc., Cloud Ace can provide highly specialized proposals to their clients. 

This capital and business alliance is an important opportunity for both companies to leverage their strengths and create a complementary relationship to support each other’s mid to long-term growth. 

Marubeni and Yoshizumi HD aim to jointly promote and accelerate the effective realization of DX in the various business domains in which Marubeni operates globally, by leveraging Yoshizumi HD’s experience in DX using the features of Google Cloud. 

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