Technical support is now more critical than ever. It’s crucial to keeping your business running smoothly, while rapidly adjusting to an increasingly hybrid workforce that needs to stay connected at all times. Although the scale may vary, organizations of all sizes face similar challenges. Google launched the Cloud Customer Care portfolio, a significant evolution in the technical support services, to address your needs with more comprehensive, scalable, and flexible services that can help you focus on your core business and provide you the service you expect from Google Cloud – regardless of the size of your organization.

A reasonably priced technical support service for an unlimited number of users, Standard Support is intended for the general needs of small- to medium-sized organizations that have workloads in development. But as your business looks to build capacity and maintain workloads in production, you’ll need rapid critical-incident response, greater flexibility, and more specialized features. That’s where the Enhanced Support can provide exceptional value.

Enhanced Support

Unplanned downtime, especially during planned events, can be catastrophic. Google’s Enhanced Support service is designed to keep you up and running with faster response times 24/7, along with direct access to technical support cases, our Cloud Support API to optimize management, and workload-centric support for multitechnology environments.

But special circumstances demand special attention. That’s why they’ve created Value-Add Services for Enhanced Support that can give you the flexibility to:

  • Receive expert assistance with the Technical Account Advisor Service. This service includes guided onboarding and ongoing hands-on stewardship, as well as monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews, trend analysis, optimization recommendations, and dedicated case-escalation management for critical incident response.
  • Get ahead of key business events that drive sudden high-traffic spikes like product launches, grand openings, or data migrations with Planned Event Support. Working with your team, Google cover pre-event architecture reviews and accelerated response times, all followed by comprehensive post-event reporting that details pitfalls, successes, and lessons learned.

Add a layer of governance to your support experience with Assured Support. By restricting support services to personnel who meet geographical-location and attribute-based requirements, it helps you ensure compliance with local standards, maintain data integrity and sovereignty, and maximize operational efficiencies.The combination of Enhanced Support and the Technical Account Advisor Service is the ideal solution for us at Moloco. It is an inexpensive way to access the timely attention we need, when we need it. From the start, we’ve experienced noticeable improvements with response times, technical guidance, and service reviews critical to our business success.Changhoon Kim, VP of Engineering, Moloco

In short, Enhanced Support helps you optimize your cloud experience with high-quality and robust support, fast response times, and additional services for businesses of all sizes. And if you sign up for Enhanced Support now, you’ll receive a 50% discount until March 31, 2022.

What’s next for customers?

Existing Silver, Gold, and Role-Based Support services will end for customers on May 31, 2022. Make the move now to our new Customer Care portfolio and keep your support services running seamlessly – with added capabilities. 

What’s next for partners?

Existing Role-Based Support services will end for partners on May 31, 2022. To help ensure services continue to run seamlessly, be sure to move your organization – or, for resellers, your customer’s organization – to Google’s new Customer Care portfolio prior to that date. For more information on partner programs and benefits, please refer to the Partner Advantage portal.

If customers and partners choose not to make the transition, current support services will automatically transition to Basic Support, a nontechnical service for admin and billing inquiries only.

What’s right for you?

To get started, compare support services – including Basic, Standard, Enhanced, and Premium Support – and explore our pricing calculator to find the level that’s best for your needs and budget. Once you’ve selected your service, making the switch is simple, but the process looks a little different depending on your current plan. Check out step-by-step instructions for transitioning from Role-Based Support or transitioning from Silver or Gold Support. You can also sign up through the Google Cloud Console or contact your sales rep.

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? We want to hear from you.

Your input is critical to how we continue to grow and refine the entire Cloud Customer Care portfolio. That’s why Google regularly assess the effectiveness of our support services and base future improvements directly on your feedback. If you have any questions regarding which service is right for you or need assistance making the move, please contact at Cloud Customer Care Support.