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SSEK is one of the largest independent law firms in Indonesia and one of the most highly regarded law firms in the country. SSEK’s expertise embraces all essential areas of the law and has been honed over two decades of meeting the legal needs of its clients. Their work for Indonesian, foreign, transnational and multinational clients extends across a wide range of specialist areas.

Their attorneys are among the best-trained and most experienced Indonesian and expatriate practitioners in the country. SSEK’s partners, advisors and associates are respected throughout the industry for their expertise, insight, maturity and commitment to meet the needs of clients.

The Challenges

Cloud Ace is going to do refactoring migration from commercial application server Oracle WebLogic to open-source software application server JBoss RedHat in order to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). This is because the existing Java application operating on the commercial AP server uses an application programming interface (API) specific to that AP server, & configuration files are defined in a way specific to that AP server, so these sections of applications must be revised during the migration.

After investigating the number and location of such sections, the results are used in performing the coding work.

The Solution

Cloud Ace identified that the problems were being caused by a number of features in ORACLE WebLogic ADF which had resulted from a historical requirement and were no longer relevant. These features aren’t supported in Cloud SQL: PostgreSQL ADF. We proposed a professional services solution to be delivered by an expert PostgreSQL Database Developers to remove the unnecessary features and provide the optimized & customized scripts to enable the customer leveraging the workload & seamless end-user experiences with optimized query time.

The Result

  • Reduced costs: By optimising the database infrastructure to a point where Cloud SQL: PostgreSQL met the customer’s needs, we freed up resources from maintaining database infrastructure and significantly reduced costs.
  • Seamless User Experiences: by performing customization & optimizing database infrastructure has leveraged the query time to 2x-4x faster, a direct impact for seamless user experiences for CRM workload
  • More rapid migration: Once we had proven our approach and methodology, we were able to provide scripts to Peoplevox to enable them to migrate the remainder of their customer base smoothly and efficiently
  • High availability: SSEK’s Team no longer have service outages due to failure of single infrastructure components.


We are very happy with skillful, excellent team and service that Cloud Ace provided. The team handled works with full of responsibility and dedication.

Yulcandra (IT Head, SSEK)

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